Why does Interior Design Matter for Kitchen and Living Room?

While you need to focus on every part of your home for effective interior design implementation, the living room and the kitchen are the two spaces that are commonly used by family members. This is where designing the space ideally becomes important to ensure efficient usage of kitchen and living room.

Kitchen Interior Design
✅ Usually kitchen sits in the middle of the different rooms and so should be designed in accordance to surrounding spaces as well. Kitchen is the courtyard for the cook, and therefore they must be considered in priority. Make sure counter tops and cupboards are set a bit apart for fitting large appliances easily. The cabinet must be placed so as opening and closing them is effectively easy and without disturbance.

✅ The sink must be at a place across or beside the refrigerator or cooking area with sufficient countertop space. The cooking area must also be spacious with full area for keeping vessels and there must be effective space between stove and sink.

✅ Make sure to try out different options before setting your sight on a specifically most functional, quality and flawless space. Keep the lighting easy and bright and not too loud or dark.

Living Room Design
✅ The first and foremost thing is to design the space by the purpose – how you are going to use the room and how many are going to use it. From using the room casually to relaxation time and for formal meeting, there are multiple uses of a living room. So, plan accordingly.

✅ Not only furniture needs to be picked according to the usage, it also needs to be picked so as to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. Ideally, pick nude shades that blend well with any interior ambience. Other furniture items to put your focus on includes book shelf or book cabinet, have a crescent or other shaped table that adds class and finish to the room.

Living Room Designed by Ark Village in Delhi

✅ Having a focal point of the room is as important as anything else. An antique piece, a fireplace or any other element that attracts the guest’s vision provides an enhanced touch of class to the room.

✅ Research and invest in accessories that beautify the room, like curtains, cushions, carpets, rugs and other accent pieces such as a vase of fresh flowers. Have a long lamp shade beside the sofa for reading purpose.

✅ The light must be simple and not too contrasting. Floor lights and concealed ceiling lights are ideal for the living room. For colour, the best picks are neutral and nude shades and for flooring, you can pick from marble, granite, wooden, or granite that must be in sync with other room flooring options.

The rhythm of the interior design needs to be omnipresent and not chaos. From layout of the structure to the color, lighting, arrangement of items in proper order everything needs to be focussed upon and experimented to get the best functional and look finish.