Interior Design

What lies behind a great work of architecture is sheer will of architects, innovative and maximized use of technology and practice, commitment to quality, perception of ideal design finish, social act, and worthwhile pursuit of identifying simple to complex elements. ARK Village 24 has a famous designer team on-board that translates ideology and design into reality to create a timeless interior and exterior solution that is robust, functional and unified.

Aesthetics + Functionality
Whether we are working on interior design, whole architecture design, contemporary furniture design or crafting 2D/3D visualization, we work with full consideration of form and functionality to achieve aesthetics. Incorporating discreet use of eco-friendly approach, ergonomic fundaments and cutting edge technology coupled with proven practices, we create end solution that specifically meets the client requirement in whole. As a top architecture and interior design company we understand the core significance of multiple facets of a project, which can be assessed by our blends of design and art. We incorporate texture, architecture, colour, space, robustness impeccably into every piece of work to give value to the project.

Collaborative Design
Contemporary art and design doesn’t just mean visually appealing design forms, but a fostering relationship between human, surrounding, nature, community and culture. We take into account every minute aspect into our design process and carefully refine our approach incorporating sustainability, inspiration and ecological concern to create a collaborative modern design.

Our architectural, furniture and interior designer team fuse advanced technology with knowledge-based human ideology, brainstorm concepts, build a robust prototype in collaboration with all the members working on the project, adopts a holistic approach and work through a structured process of conceptualization, planning, designing, modifying and testing to give the best possible solution. This work approach has made our team of designers famous not only amongst the clients but in the industry as well.

Work Portfolio – Spans Across Across-the-Board Solutions
From residential flat to house and villa, commercial offices to hotel and restaurant, we cater to a wide range of clients that defines our far-reaching capability. The award-winning team of architectural, furniture and interior designer team at this company has created inspirational solutions, scaling in small to large sizes, distinctive in forms and shapes, versatile in finish and appearance, functional in accordance to varied specific purpose of the clients that defines our capacity, knowledge, skill and adeptness to deliver contemporary solutions which go well beyond the expectations.

We work with clients all across Delhi NCR including Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad producing fine piece of artistic brilliance with timeliness and cost-efficiency.

Our Projects